Our firm, Ma & Company Solicitors, specializes in property law, business law and commercial litigation, Family Law and Criminal Law. Founded in 1997 in Sydney by our Principal Mr. Ronald Ma, we have been assisting local and overseas clients in their property and business transactions as well as dispute resolutions for over 20 years.

We have maintained a strong affiliation with the local firms, banks and real estate industry in order to keep ourselves informed about all facets in your transactions. We have also built a huge client base in Melbourne, Sydney, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore over the years. We understand that language barriers can often make living in Australia a daunting experience for new migrants. As a bilingual firm, we insist that all our Chinese clients be provided with our Chinese letters and reports if they desire so that they may understand their legal rights without being subjected to the language difficulties.

We can represent you in all jurisdictions across Australia, providing a one-stop access for all your legal enquiries of all states in Australia. Our Principal, Mr. Ronald Ma is also a practising solicitor in Hong Kong and we can therefore assist you to handle your legal matters in Hong Kong as well.

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